Our Story

Our story makes us unique.


Welcome to Canter And Sea

Founded In Queensland, Canter And Sea is an equestrian brand that offers high quality athleisure wear. Canter And Sea cater to all walks of life, and prides itself on being an Inclusive up and coming game changing brand!

From equestrian athletes, spectators, grooms, mums, dads, every day horse obsessed people, and all people in between! (You don't have to be a horse rider to love our products)

The Why

 We saw a Lack in the market Specifically In Equestrian Technically designed riding tights, as well as the lack of Options with regards to Jodhpurs, or Breeches, Other than beige, or white, that also were comfortable and stylish, for both Men and Women.

Made With You In Mind

Canter And Sea prides itself on quality, service, delivery, honesty, communication, high quality products. This was started as a vision, we knew one day would come to life. This is how the sports bra came about, something for all equestrians that was tried and tested for equestrians, that was supportive, firm, and made with YOU in mind.

 So Much More

We are passionate about our brand and can't wait to bring you more exciting things!

We appreciate the love, by spreading the word and Trying the products for yourself 💝

we hope you enjoy our store, and enjoy your purchases.

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