Our Story


Welcome to Canter And Sea
Founded in Queensland, we are an equestrian brand revolutionizing athleisure wear. From riders to enthusiasts, grooms to parents, and everyone in between, we cater to all walks of life. Our inclusive, game-changing brand is here to make a difference! You don't have to be a horse rider to fall in love with our products. ❤️

🔍 The Why: We noticed a gap in the market for technically designed riding tights and stylish jodhpurs or breeches. So we took matters into our own hands! Our mission is to support horse riding, whether you're a seasoned athlete or a horse lover at heart. We bring fashion and quality together, making our clothing comfortable and easy to wear. 

🙌 With Canter And Sea, you'll experience the perfect blend of functionality and style. Our riding tights and breeches come in a wide range of colors, not just beige or white! We believe in offering choices that suit your individuality. Men and women alike can rock our fashionable and comfortable designs. 

Join us on this exciting journey as we bring a wave of change to the equestrian world. Experience the love, dedication, and passion that Harvey, our Founder & Creative Director, pours into every product. Check out the picture above of Harvey on his trusty steed Charlie! 🐴❤️

👉 So why wait? Dive into Canter And Sea's world of equestrian athleisure wear. Discover what it truly means to ride in style and comfort. Follow us for updates, giveaways, and a community that embraces your love for horses. Together, let's change the game! 🌟✨

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