Cambox Horse V4PRO

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A breakthrough action camera 100% adapted to equestrian sports !

Expand your worldview.

The Cambox V4 integrates a wide-angle lens offering a true immersive vision at up to 150°.

Australian Event Rider Stacey Briggs Ridng Around The 3*** With Her Cambox V4PRO She Won This Year From Canter And Sea. 



Relive your ride with the Cambox Horse V4 Pro Riding Helmet Camera! The Cambox allows you to record your ride from the rider's point of view while being hidden discretely just below the helmet or hat visor.


Cambox Horse is a manufacturer of new generation helmet cameras dedicated to equestrian sports.

Cambox cameras are compatible with all types of helmets, visors, helmet covers, riding hats & caps.

All of the Cambox cameras are offering unprecedented benefits to the rider

Positioning : It is placed under the helmet visor thanks to its exclusive Velcro fastening system. Thus, the camera is recording the real rider’s viewing angle as it is placed just above his eyes without disturbing his field of view. This is ideal to relive your rides, analyse your path or for track recognition

Safety : With its Velcro fastening system under the helmet visor, your helmet keeps its full protective role and is not weakened by elements placed, sticked or screwed on its external structure. Thanks to its 2 articulated arms and Velcro fastening system, if rider falls from his horse, the camera will be ejected from the helmet or be flexible like the visor in order not to injured the rider!

Lightweight : The Cambox weight is only of 70 grams 19 mm thick. Riders do not even feel it while riding.

Design : The Cambox has been designed in order to fit all equestrian helmets.

Discreet : For all the reasons listed here above, the Cambox is a very discreet product that can suit to your apparel, be flashy or almost invisible on event pictures.

FEI/Pony Club/EVA Compliant: Most events require you to just advise them you have an onboard helmet cam you will be using for the event, and for FEI events out of respect to the officials, there is a form that needs to be handed in when or after you nominate for your event.

Watch some footage for yourself by Clicking Here

Without false notes.

Thanks to a new audio system and its 3 integrated microphones, you will enjoy an optimum audio quality, even at high speed and wind noise reduction.

Exciting Key Features:

  • 4k Ultra HD Video Resolution
  • 4K Ultra HD 30 FPS -Full HD 60 FPS
  • Up To 128 Gb
  • 12 MP Photo Resolution
  • .mov Video Format
  • 20° Lens Tilt
  • 150° Wide Angle Lens
  • Vibrating Motor



Items are packed with protective overpacking. The cambox is shipped from France to our office in Brisbane Australia VIA DHL EXPRESS just to do a final quality check to give our unicorn lovers that extra tick of approval we always provide. Cambox Horse did have a Sydney office however due to the Covid they had to shut down.

Once they arrive in our office here in Australia, we then send them straight to you! Express. so from when you place your order, to the time it arrives on your doorstep with Australia Post, or for our international Unicorn Lovers USPS, will be 2-3 Weeks from time of the order being placed. We hope to soon stock them directly in our office to cut down the shipping time. 

Once order is dispatched you will receive all tracking information,Shipping costs include packing, handling and postage.