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Canter And Sea

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The Canter And Sea, Lé Natural Sock & Boot Deodorant Spray is a natural solution to neutralise smelly socks and boots.

It leaves no residue on our socks, boots, or inside your boot bags.

The fresh scented peppermint smell lasts long after application,keeping you smelling great all day long!😍✨


✨Natural Solution

✨Leaves No Residue

✨ 100% Australian Made

✨ 100% All Natural, Non-Toxic Ingredients

✨Neutralises Smelly Odurs In Socks & Boots

✨Long Lasting Scent 



Spray+Sock Bundle Sizing Guide For Socks:

Small Women’s: 4-6.5
Small Men’s: 5-6
Medium Women’s: 7-9
Medium Men’s: 7-8.5
Large Women’s: 10-12
Large Men’s: 9-12